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The Handy Geology Answer Book

The Handy Geology Answer Book (The Handy Answer Book Series)
2004-02-01 PDF 512 pages 37 Mb
...offers clear, detailed explanations of the many fascinating and diverse aspects of geology. The book is written in understandable language, but the answers are not over-simplified... – American Reference Books. The award-winning science writers answer such puzzlers as: What is the theory of continental drift? What are polarity reversals? They deliver captivating reading and easy understanding of the complexities that shaped our planet, as they answer nearly 1,000 of the most often asked questions. Tracing the formation of the universe and the planet, investigating the layers of the Earth, and explaining the formation of mountains and bodies of water are just some of the chapters. Questions and answers are also devoted to volcanoes, fault lines, caves, fossil fuels, world morphological features, and even the geology of other planets. Entertaining and informative, Handy Geology combines vivid, clear writing with a great format.

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