quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Handbook of Gold Exploration and Evaluation

E. MacDonald, "Handbook of Gold Exploration and Evaluation" Woodhead Publishing Ltd 2007 ISBN-10: 1845691752 664 Pages PDF 5 MB
Designed for geologists and engineers engaged specifically in the search for gold deposits of all types and as a reference for academics in higher schools of learning, the Handbook of Gold Exploration and Evaluation provides principles and detailed explanations that underpin the correct interpretation of day-to-day experience in the field. Problems are addressed with regard to the analysis, interpretation, and understanding of the general framework within which both primary and secondary gold resources are explored, developed, and exploited. The Handbook of Gold Exploration and Evaluation covers topics as diverse as the nature and history of gold, geology of gold ore deposits, gold deposition in the weathering environment, sedimentation and detrital gold, gold exploration, lateritic and placer gold sampling, mine planning and practice for shallow deposits, metallurgical processes and design, and evaluation, risk, and feasibility.

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