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Intra-Oceanic Subduction Systems: Tectonic and Magmatic Processes (Geological Society Special Publication)

R. D. Larter, "Intra-Oceanic Subduction Systems: Tectonic and Magmatic Processes (Geological Society Special Publication)"Geological Society of London; illustrated edition (January 1, 2003) English 1862391475 352 pages PDF 37.92 MB
Recycling of oceanic plate back into the Earth's interior at subduction zones is one of the key processes in Earth evolution. Volcanic arcs, which form above subduction zones, are the most visible manifestations of plate tectonics, the convection mechanism by which the Earth loses excess heat. They are probably also the main location where new continental crust is formed, the so-called 'subduction factory'. About 40% of modern subduction zones on Earth are intra-oceanic. These subduction systems are generally simpler than those at continental margins as they commonly have a shorter history of subduction and their magmas are not contaminated by ancient sialic crust. They are therefore the optimum locations for studies of mantle processes and magmatic addition to the crust in subduction zones. This volume contains a collection of papers that exploit the relative simplicity of intra-oceanic subduction systems to provide insights into the tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal processes associated with subduction.


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